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Sensitive co-worker

by on
in Admin Pro Forum

Question: One of my co-workers becomes defensive when I or anyone else offers constructive criticism. The last time I made a suggestion, she acted very offended and said she felt that I was telling her that she wasn't doing her job well.

We share a workspace for part of the day, and I'd like to suggest a more effective way to keep the area neat and full of resources for others who may have to cover in our absence. How do I broach this topic with such a sensitive co-worker?  -- K.R., New York


Since you know that your co-worker is defensive when she is critized, it would be prudent on your part not to offer any criticism to her. Her reaction might also depend on the tone of your voice when she is critized. None of us like to be criticized even if it is as you call it constructive criticism. As far as the work space is concerned, suggested to her that y...(register to read more)

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