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Office disruptions

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in Admin Pro Forum

Question: I would like to know how other assistants/receptionists/whatever your title deal with disruptions.  I 'm not talking about the phone ringing, sales people coming in or clients.  I 'm talking about people just stopping at your desk asking you how your weekend was, what did you have for lunch, how's this, how's that.

I' m not even centrally located to the rest of the office (to the managers, I am), so it's not like they really come to talk. How do I politely (since I have to work with everyone every day) say I 'm too busy to talk about lunch/dinner or the weekend?  -- Anonymous


I would say "I'm really busy right now" can add "sorry I can't talk right now". If you happen to have a door I would close the door when you are really busy and want no distracts even if it all day and everyday.

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Joanna Swank March 24, 2013 at 6:58 am

I know how you feel and I am in a cube so no doors to close. I often let them talk and keep working. It gets exhausting to hear, ‘I know you are busy but…’. If you know I am busy that go away is what I feel like syaing. But you can’t. It’s a struggle everyday. One thing I do is pretend I just got an urgent e-mail from my boss. That tends to make people scatter :)


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