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Question: "I co-chair a committee with someone who's unwilling to plan. I'll want to discuss the next meeting or upcoming priorities, and he'll say, 'I can't talk about that right now. Catch me later.' Of course, he doesn't have time 'later,' either.

"How can I force this person to focus?"  -- Jean, Michigan


I'd look for another co-host and suggest to this person that since they are so busy that maybe it would be wise to ask someone else to co-host.

I agree with Valerie. Either find another partner, or do it yourself ... and get a competent committee to help you. Even committee chairs have someone to report progress to, and let that person(s) know about the change in leadership. Take the bull by the horns, do your best, and graciously accept credit for a job well-d...(register to read more)

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