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Question: I have been asked to start a monthly newsletter for our plant.  Since I have never done this before, I need all the help I can get such as a sample newsletter, what program to use (I was thinking Microsoft Publisher).

My goal is employee involvement. Should I send out a memo asking for ideas and input or, after the newsletter is started (hopefully), just rely on word of mouth? 

Thank you.  -- Susan Kifer, Newark, Del.


I produce a monthly newsletter for our staff. I use Publisher but, since we're very widespread and not everyone has the same version of Publisher, I convert it to a PDF and email it. Also, word of mouth has not been an effective tool to get people to submit articles in my case. I email key people each month (heads of the different departments) asking them to contribute and giving them a deadline. I also recommend having one or two ...(register to read more)

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