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Question: It's review/bonus time at my company. I'm the AA to the HR/OM (and everyone else). That's the least of my issues.

I automatically took on the marketing assistant position and have been doing that work since the beginning of May. I do it only because it needs to be done, not because I'm learning anything that has anything to do with my job.

I feel that, because I've automatically taken on this role (with zero compensation), no one is worried about hiring someone for the job.  How do I get the raise and bonus I deserve?  -- Frustrated LD


Successful performance reviews are always based on a set of goals and expected performace against them. Hopefully you had this in place at the start of the year, but I relaize that many companies do not do this. That being the case, you should draft a set of goals that you believe were present at the start of the ...(register to read more)

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