ADA accommodations for ADD/ADHD executive assistant?

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Question: I know someone posted earlier about having a boss with ADD/ADHD. What about when the person diagnosed with ADD/ADHD (combined inattentive/hyperactive type) is the executive assistant herself?

I would be interested in knowing what employer-provided (under the ADA) accommodations have helped other admins with this disorder to do their jobs better/more effectively.

Our responsibilities as admins are often focused on being able to multi-task, keep organized, prioritize, remain on time with projects, remember names/phone numbers, and keep focused ... all of which have to happen simultaneously, sometimes. All of these are significant challenges for someone with the disorder and who has issues with short-term memory, keeping track of time, finding/organizing files and remembering information after being distracted by someone/something else, etc.  -- Anonymous


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Evette November 12, 2009 at 12:33 pm

Hi all,
This is going to be a quick response because I am heading to a meeting. However, I felt compelled to response. I am an high level Executive Assistant with ADHD. I believe that I am able to get much more done than the average person. Is that an asset or a liability? It’s probably a bit of both. Those in my office know I can get a lot done and I’m always on. Because of that I have a heavy workload. At the same time there are things I must do to maintain my sanity, not get overwhelmed and make repetitive mistakes. I always have a notepad in my hand and write down everything (mainly because my mind has already moved on to the next thought so my memory suffers). Unfortunately, because my mind goes a mile a minute, I have to make a concerted effort not to get ahead of myself and others (mentally or verbally). It is s a very diffcult task that sometimes I am able to master and at other times I fail miserably. You have to learn how to work with what you have. I make it a point to get involve in other things so that my attention span doesn’t suffer and I don’t work on one project for an extended period of time. Rather, I alternate the various tasks on my place. I use Outlook extensively (to track tasks, due dates, set reminders, categorize emails, etc.) There are so many helpful tools that make my job easier.


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