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How to handle two admins?

by on
in Admin Pro Forum

Question: I have found several resources when it comes to multiple bosses. In my situation, we have two Administrative Assistants for one boss.

What is the best way to handle two assistants? Should there be a division of responsibilities or should they do the same thing? If there is a division, how do you handle one Admin feeling less valued? I feel that one Admin Assistant is all that is needed to take care of most everything.  -- Kelleen


Be careful what you ask for. Jobs are difficult to find and with the feeling that one admin can do the entire job, someone may find themselves on the outside looking for new employment, it may be YOU.

Why not work together as a team. When an assignment come in, check to see who is the busiest and allow the other person to tackle that assignment. If necessary get together and decide how you would like to tackle some of ...(register to read more)

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