Advice to reacquaint myself with Access?

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Question: I have had MS Access software training in the past but until now had no need to create a database. Now, I need a quick refresher course on it.

I was sent an Access database already created with the information that I need. All I need to do is remove the information that I don’t need and put it into a format that is more conducive to my needs. And of course, I have a very short period of time to do this.

Any suggestions?  -- Lori


I have found some great "free" training on the Microsoft websit. You can just type in your question or go th the acess training and go from there. It has helped me a lot as I am self taught on Microsoft Acess and Excel.

Hi Lori,

Whenever I have a particular Access problem, I use Google to find a solution. There are numerous s...(register to read more)

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