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Must permanently delete the bold

by on
in Admin Pro Forum

Question: In attempting to use a Board minutes template, I bold certain agenda items and the text following cannot be bold. How do I permanently delete the bold?  -- Athena


I type up my board meeting minutes in a table. I have our company name and date and time at the top.

After that,I creat a two coloumn table. The left colum has the agenda items on it. The right column is the board dicussion and momtions. Then I just adjust the column width to work for me.I can email you a copy if you'd like to see if it would work for you. just email me and let me know tracyj@csparks.org


I don't like using templates for exactly this reason - it doesn't let you make changes easily.

I do board minutes (and other minutes) monthly. I have created a format for myself in...(register to read more)

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