Are you a 'virtual admin?'

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Question: I keep hearing about people who are "virtual" admins, and that this is supposed to be the new hot job in the future.

Has anyone had experience being a virtual admin? How did you like it/not like it? Where can I get more information? Thanks!  -- Mary from Wisconsin


I've been a 'virtual admin' for a couple of years now. My boss (now several) live all over the country. With e-mail and phone, most things can be accomplished electronically, remotely, and most of all, independently. The plus is being able to manage your own workload, make decisions and if there is time, be more creative in your work. The minus is that communication can sometime lag or be absent, which requires more effort on everyone's part. Building a good working relationship can be difficult due to their busy schedules, and at times it is based purely on your competence. Its a two-s...(register to read more)

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