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Question: We have a couple of new managers who have their laundry & dry cleaning delivered to the office. While their assistants (who are much younger than I) don't seem to mind schlepping laundry around for these gentlemen, to me, it reeks of "back to the '50s."   

I just have a real problem with personal deliveries of ANY kind, particularly since our company will not let employees receive or send PERSONAL deliveries from UPS, FedEx, etc., on premises. 

I'm curious to know if other companies have policies that cover laundry, and any suggestions for how to handle this matter in a tactful way.  -- Anonymous


We have laundry/dry cleaning pick-up and delivery on the premises, but I don't know of any admins who handle that chore for their bosses. I do know that one of my bosses uses the service, but he has never asked me to either deposit or pick up his pack...(register to read more)

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