Do we just live with nepotism?

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Question: Nepotism: A big word that finally came to me under much distress. I'm a fairly new administrative assistant, although I think the position could easily be called something less; just being called that stresses me. Anyway, I work for a nonprofit organization where nepotism is going on.

It's really difficult to see others mistreated because a family member works next to them. Relatives work in the same department. Some people know of the "family affair" but say nothing for fear of losing their jobs.

The head person is too close to one of the high managers who allows this, so that person is unsafe to talk to; the HR manager is aware, obviously, but seems to either act like it's unknown or figures a way "around" the rules.

Is there not anything that can be done? Do we just live with it or go elsewhere?  -- Anonymous


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