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My manager wants me to go into sales

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Question: I work in the office management/HR department. My manager recently told me that the VP of sales wants me to be part of the sales department to make outreach calls (while still being part of the OM/HR department). I appreciate that he sees what I am capable of doing and I would normally be excited about the opportunity, but here is the situation:

A couple of months ago, I was asked to join the sales department as a rep for South America and the Caribbean. I decided to take the move into the sales department and was excited about using my Spanish skills and learning the other side of the company. I tried it and I learned a lot, but realized that it wasn’t for me.

During that time, I was supposed to receive a performance review after three months. Instead, I received a write-up (but not really). The write-up stemmed from an incident with a co-worker. I did not take it any further than that incident ...(register to read more)

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