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Seeking suggestions on how to lift morale after multiple "reorganizations"

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Question: My company has recently gone through a series of “reorganization” changes. In the past year, we have seen at least four massive cuts in staff. The goal is to decrease size and increase productivity. After the most recent episode, we were told that there will be no more cuts. Because of the stress these cutbacks have created, morale is now extremely low. If anyone has any advice on how to deal with this or how our company can lift morale, I would love to hear it.  -- Survivor


Let me first just say I understand as we have had cut-backs as well. Following is a website of training seminars, this company is really good. You can attend the seminars or have the speaker come out to your offices. They have training on

"Creating a Positive, High-Energy Workplace", and many others, I hope this is helpful.


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