Taskmaster, taskmaster, make me a task!

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Question: My boss has several direct reports that he meets with individually each month. After each meeting, my boss gives me his notes and I use them to assign tasks. We are looking for some software or a system to track when the tasks are assigned and a reminder when the deadlines have occurred.

We are aware of the “Tasks” feature in Outlook but we don’t want to connect everyone’s Tasks to his Calendar. He uses that as his “To Do” list as he tracks his own Tasks. I thought of an Access database but I can’t get a deadline reminder to pop up. I don’t know much about MS Project, but I thought that might be an option. I’d appreciate your suggestions.  -- Keisha


I do the same thing but keep the document in an Excel spreadsheet. We do not remind the people of their tasks as we don't believe in babysitting. It is their job to retrieve the excel spreadsheet and let ...(register to read more)

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