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Question: Last year, my boss reassigned my direct report to a new supervisor because it "wasn't fair" that the supervisor didn't have a direct-report secretary while one of her peers did. The consequence of my boss's action stripped me of my supervisor status, thus preventing me from attending any supervisor meetings and/or training sessions. Was this a just act? I’ve had no performance issues and over 20 years of excellent reviews. Any advice? -- Anonymous


A couple of questions:

(1) Did you lose any salary as a result of no longer having a direct report?

(2) What are you losing by no longer attending meetings/training?

(3) What is your boss' response to your inquiries about the situation (or have you even asked)?

If the situation is as you describe it, the other supervisor did deserve and receive fair treatment. So, you have to look at what you LOST ...(register to read more)

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you January 26, 2011 at 11:50 pm

I'm 50 and was demoted due to a re-org. One of the folks who reported to me and I now report to a manager who is 35 and very popular. This is the 2nd time this company has done this. Had throat surgery one week ago and was told not to talk yet was forced to talk about this today with great pain, physically and mentally. Do I have a case


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