Should I make the coffee?

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Question: How do you feel about being asked or expected to make coffee in your office? If you are the first person to arrive at the office, do you take it upon yourself to make it? What if you are not a coffee drinker? Is it your duty/responsibility to brew up a fresh pot every day?  -- Anonymous, Los Angeles


Do you drink coffee? If you want coffee, make it. If you don't drink it or want it do NOT make it.

I told a boss I didn't drink coffee and would not make it. He begged me to make it only if they had visitors and I gave in to that but never did have to (which may be a good thing for everyone as I'm sure I'd be a bad coffee maker). :)

Making coffee for the office has never been an issue with me and I am not a coffee drinker. Why you ask? I prefer a calm environment and fi...(register to read more)

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