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Question: We have a company policy that does not permit employees to make/take personal phone calls during business hours without a supervisor’s permission. I have an employee who has been warned verbally and in writing for abusing the policy.

Co-workers have complained that the employee makes personal phone calls while I am out of the room. My supervisor informs me that either myself or another supervisor must catch this person making the personal call.

If I leave the room and come back and suspect that a personal call is being made, the person pretends that she is talking to a customer. (This person is a customer service rep.) I am looking for any advice on this situation. - Darlene


We have a VOIP phone system and all calls coming in and going out are recorded, which is great when you forgot who called or if you need to call someone back and...(register to read more)

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sheila December 21, 2009 at 7:46 pm

all the people Not complaining about coworkers making personal phone calls are obviously the people who waste employers time by doing this and dont work with people who abuse their employers policy– also causing coworkers who dont abuse the policy to work twice as hard to cover the abusers lack of work. i -as a non abuser seem to find time to make appointments and get personal things done on my lunch hour. my co worker shouldnt get paid more than i do to just show up. may i just add also that my abusing coworker is PART TIME and has no excuse to have to use all of her scheduled time on personal business!!!!!!


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