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Our office is a “food fest”

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Question: We regularly have events or meetings at our workplace where we serve food and then allow employees to eat any leftovers.

But we have employees who run to “pile” food on their plates as if they had not eaten for days, placing food in their lunch boxes to take home to their families, and simply not considering others waiting in line to get something to eat.

How can I write a professional, companywide e-mail detailing the need for manners when eating any catered leftovers? - Isela Rosales.


Is that really necessary? Shoot when I was responsible for catering an event and there were leftovers, I gave a personal heads-up to the nonhoarders so they could have first dibs on the leftovers before the office hoarders got wind of it. At the same time, since I was responsible for cleaning up the mess I would just assume folks cleared the food out ASA...(register to read more)

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