Temper tantrums, door slamming: It’s not about teenagers and 2-year-olds

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Question: There are three administrative assistants in my office, including myself.  One of them is the office perfectionist who gets upset with others, including the administration and her own manager, if they do not do things "just the way and when" she thinks they should. 

She also gets upset when her manager interacts with me. I do work for "her" manager as well as the other managers in our offices, so there are times when we must interact.  She is very stern and serious, and I am a little frightened of her temper. 

When she gets upset with someone she slams her office door and leaves it closed for the day. I did not want to approach her because I did not want to deal with her anger and harshness.  When she gets in this bad mood I stay away from her.  I feel like it is "her problem" and she needs to get a grip. The door slamming is disruptive and upsetting for others and very unprofessional b...(register to read more)

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