The “Your Mother Doesn’t Live Here” dirty-dishes problem

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Question: We have a small break room where used personal dishes sit in the sink for days ... even a week or more.  Signs have been posted, but still people ignore it and leave their bowls, spoons, cups, etc.

I've collected the dirty dishes in times past and put them into an empty box with a label affixed on top, "Dirty Dishes."  But, the trash people picked it up and threw it away.  Anyone have other solutions? - Marilee Crowell


If the dishes get thrown out, people will be more attentive next time. I have the same issue with people leaving things in the refrigerator. Every Friday I advise that anything left in the frig will get thrown out. I've thrown out tupperware dishes twice - it was amazing how now people clean out their stuff. Threw out 2 coffee cups yesterday. Dishes are not my job!

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