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Question: Although I am not in charge of making sure that the restrooms stay clean, people tell me when it needs cleaning.

Any suggestions on how to communicate in a professional manner that everyone should pick up after themselves and maintain a clean restroom? We provide cleaning supplies such as Clorax wipes, etc. - Martha


Get some business cards from your janitorial serice rep & hand them to those who have issues with the service. Or provide them with the name & phone # of whoever your janitorial service liaison is.

Place the cleaning supplies out in the open and make a sign that says "Did you use the facilities? Yes...then please clean up after yourself."

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peg March 22, 2009 at 11:03 am

I use a handwritten signed notice in our staff break room/kitchen:

PLEASE remember we are our own housekeepers. If you see spills/crumbs on the table/counter/sink/refrigerator/floor, clean it up before you leave the room. Thank you! Your coworkers will do the same for you!


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