How should I handle my “bully of a boss”?

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Question: When my boss assigns work, I try to go over it with him to make sure that I understand the task or offer suggestions. He often stomps, shouts, uses foul language and belittles me by interrupting and saying, “ I’m worth more than your time.”

Management apologizes for him, but takes no action. I’m not in a position to change jobs because of my age and because I need the insurance. How should I handle the situation? - Anonymous


Ask "Management" to be reassigned, poison the jerk or leave. How many assistants has this guy been through?????? If you feel like you can't leave, bullies LOVE that! A punching bag! Don't be one.

I would have someone witness the next act, and then stand up for your rights.
Sounds like he has gotten away with alot and ...(register to read more)

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