How do I send an announcement using “Bcc” in Outlook?

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Question: I'm setting up a large distribution list that I will use to send an announcement. I’ll be using “Bcc” in Outlook.  What name should I use in the “To:” box?  Is there a generic name that I can use?  And what name will appear to the Bcc recipients? - Chierile


I do this all the time with the media and such.

You don't put anything in the TO box. Just in the BCC. That's all you need.

Your recipients will see nothing


Just use your name/email address in the To line. I believe that's the standard thing to do.

You don't have to put any name in the "To" box. If you leave it blank and just type the names in the "BCC" box, it will show up empty in the received e-m...(register to read more)

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