How can I improve professionalism in land of tank tops, flip-flops?

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Question: “Our administrative employees – fiscal, HR, data, support – are grouped together in a separate unit and we have contact with the public as well as potential employees. My question: I feel I’m the only person in an administrative role who projects any level of professionalism. Some people wear skin-tight denim capris, tank tops and flip-flops. Others apparently wear whatever happened to be lying on the chair beside their bed. How do you recommend – besides being an example (which hasn’t worked thus far) – improving the professional image of this unit?  (FYI, we don’t have a dress code.)” – Lisa



The first thing you need to do is to establish a company dress code policy, without it, the staff obviously takes advantage of not having one. I am surprised your HR department hasn't established one. They are definitely a department which needs to loo...(register to read more)

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Ryan Kulp October 8, 2012 at 2:15 pm

While I appreciate the sentiment, there is a new reality for modern-day professionals.

Specifically, the term “professional” no longer bares any relation to “professional attire.” To be professional simply means to be good at something and make a living doing it.

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