Should I just walk away when the boss makes a ‘cutting’ remark?

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Question: After my boss said to me, "If anyone calls here and wants something done, give the call to Mary or me because we are the only ones who do anything around here," I just turned and walked away trying to ignore what he said. What would have been the best way to handle this? —Anonymous


My gut would have told me to say "Well, I guess I can go home now since you can answer the phone!"

I would have said, "I beg to differ because I KNOW I am a team player, and I work just as hard as the both of you AND support you as well." Then I would have turned around and walked away.

Never let someone belittle you because they will continue to do it to you unless you speak up for yourself and let them know it is unacceptable.

Your boss sounds like a piece of work. Good luck!

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