Does a supervisor have to witness improper or incorrect work before taking action?

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Question: We have two supervisors in our location.  Neither will take action on anything unless they "witness" it.  Recently, two of us helped a third employee get ready for a presentation on the day of the event.  The work could have been completed earlier in the week.
I told my boss that she may want to ask how the presentation went, giving us the opportunity to explain that we did all the work for the other employee. She told me that she could not ask those types of questions, because she hadn't witnessed it.
Shouldn’t she, as a supervisor, have the right to ask how the presentation went and were there any problems, etc.?  So, how do issues get resolved?  Our supervisors rarely venture into our office, so they hardly ever witness what goes on. — Anonymous


Sounds to me like your supervisor is dancing around the issue and avoiding it. It would appear she's u...(register to read more)

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