How do companies define “job hopper”?

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Question: My current position is Corp. Receptionist. I recently interviewed, but did not get, an Exec. Asst. position with the president of the company. I do not have Quicken experience, which was a requirement. Would an HR manager consider me a "job hopper and high risk" employee if I started looking for another position outside my company? — Debbie Reimer


Do you mean your company's HR manager or an external one?

I wouldn't tell the internal one. For an external one, it depends on how often you have changed jobs in the past.

That all depends whether or not your company has a "transfer" policy, i.e., an employee has to stay within her/his department for xxx numbe of months before applying for a transfer.

If you do not have such a policy, by all means apply for other ...(register to read more)

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