Can an employee be replaced for lack of experience after 16 years on the job?

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Question: After 16 years at the same job, an employee was replaced because of lack of experience by a new hire who only knew how to do half the job. The new hire was fired and the person now holding the job has no experience and moved into the job by request within the company. The job opening was not posted. Is this correct procedure? — Pay


This clearly sounds like a case of age discrimination, violation of EEOC's and DOL's Uniform Guidelines for Hiring and some nepotism violations as well. I would have to know more, but from the scenario- this looks really bad for the company.

I'm not sure which state you are in, but Texas is a right to work state which means an employer doesn't have to give you any reason to terminate you. However, you cannot be discriminated agains...(register to read more)

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