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Overpaid, underpaid or right on target?

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in Admin Pro Forum

Question: “A few months ago, a reader inquired about web sites regarding salaries. I checked them out only to find that I am significantly underpaid. My title is assistant to the director of HR. The other admin in our small company is the assistant to the executive administrator. She also assists the president/owner on a daily basis. We both handle “extremely confidential and sensitive” material.

Our wages fall between $14 and $15 an hour. Is our pay sufficient for the work we perform?” —Elly


$14 - $15 is a fair wage for your position in the region I work in. Many factors come in to play where salary is concerned so it's difficult to say if you are really underpaid or compensated fairly. Some factors to consider would be: 1) The City/State you work in (large cities may pay much higher than a small farming community); 2) Your work background/experience; 3) Educati...(register to read more)

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