Do small companies have established maternity or long-term sick leave?

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Question: “Our company wants to establish a policy for maternity leave or long-term sick leave. We’re a small company and have never formally established a policy. Since we’re growing, we want to enable our employees to take leave without using all their vacation time. What are some suggestions that have worked for other companies?” — Sydney Eckersley


Our company uses the same guidelines as FMLA on maternity leave or long-term sick leave.We also have developed a sick pool whereas anyone who wants to donate some of their sick leave hours a year can. Our company has an employee earn 10 hours of time a month for sick and once an employee has been employed for a year receives two weeks vacation at the beginning of each year. Once you have voluntarily particiapated into the sick leave pool and you need the assistance because all other time has run out a person ap...(register to read more)

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