My co-worker is lazy, noisy and a pain: How do I tune her out?

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Question: “I am an administrative assistant with a busy schedule working for a senior director.  My problem is our receptionist, who works right outside my office. She talks on the phone constantly, does personal work and has student assistants coming and going 20 hours per week. I am so frazzled listening to her and then hearing her tell everyone who will listen how overworked she is.  I don’t supervise her, but her work is minimal at best. She is barely literate, and no one will bring it to her boss’s attention when she makes mistakes — or neglects to meet their requests.  But — surprise, surprise — she’s a great receptionist.  It bothers me because when raises are given, they’re all across the board with no incentives! And I have to listen to it all day long. What can I do?” — Judi


Are you no one also? Why can't you speak to her supervisor in a non confro...(register to read more)

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Cinderella December 9, 2010 at 12:04 pm

I am a receptionist. However, the lady next to me. Laughs very loud at her own jokes, checks and talks on her speaker phone. Her sister works here also. They have their relatives running in and out all day. Most of the time it sounds like a party is going on. Their relatives just walk in the office and go directly to the copier and start making copies. A couple of them come to work and clock in then leave and get breakfast. A group of them go out to have cigarettes at least 20 times and stay outside most of the day when it is summer. They hang outside even the supervisors. It is so much Chaos in this office you would not beleive. The director just turns the other cheek. He does not address any of this. I think it is easier for him to just ignore it. They are rude to clients. If a client is 1 minute late they make them reschedule. The 2 sisters and others cheat on time. They take 2 hours lunches and still get paid for 8 full hours. My days are so overwhelming that I have anxiety attacks. Most days I feel like I am going to have a nervous breakdown. The one worker is so stupid it erks me it is unbeleivable. She makes all kinds of mistakes but its okay because her, her sister and a couple others which are supervisors are all friends and hang out here at work with their relatives. I have never seen anything like it. The workers are very rude and bulleish . When I confront one of them, they give me means looks for a long time. I just try to give it back and ignore them. But it is frustrating for me and its not fair. But I need a job so I have to take all their **** even if it gives me a ulcer.


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