What’s the best way to organize international travel procedures?

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Question: “Does anyone have an established procedure for setting up international travel for managers: passports, visa procedures, itineraries, finding dependable local transportation, hotels, etc.? This is a four-person office, so standards are carried out each time.” — Lee


Normally, I will go through Expedia. I have found them very helpful in the past in finding dependable local transporation, hotels etc abroad. Also, if it is training seminar or conference usually the information is with the seminar etc. It takes while for a passport to be received so I normally will obtain one once the person is employed with us, if they do not already have one. As far as, itineraries I normally have a form I use that has all the necessary information and along with that I attach all directions and other information. I also, will text message the info to the employee for ...(register to read more)

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