Do you need to silence an office buttinski?

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Question: “I supervise our receptionist/secretary and share an office with her. When the director or other staff members come into the office to speak to me about a problem or situation, she interrupts the conversation, even when others are speaking, and will raise her voice so it can be heard above others. These conversations are not directed or pertain to her. I have spoken to her about this behavior and have written it up in her last evaluation. I could use some solutions to this problem, short of writing her up or suspending her without pay.”


I have seen this type before, every office has them, it is just very unfortunate that you have to share an office with one. That would drive me mad!! If you are her manager I would put her in her place, inform her that her behavior is a problem and if left uncorrected you may not be able to continue to allow her to w...(register to read more)

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