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Question: “I am looking for a few good questions to ask strangers at any kind of function. I can carry on a decent conversation with anyone who comes up to me first, but I have a terrible time being the ‘ice-breaker.’” — Dana Morvak


Normally, I would approach someone, with hand extended and say Hi, I'm _____, I'm the Admin Mgr of XYZ Company. I'm here for ___________. I will always ask questions about them and the company they are representing. I normally will try before the function to find out what companies are attending so I can do a little research. If I am not able to find out and I ask the company question. I would then flow into quesions about type of business. I will also sometimes ask if they have a business card. If I am attending alone. I will ask if their section is full, if not would they mind if I joined them. You have to be yourself and remem...(register to read more)

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Kathy Tsai September 2, 2011 at 12:35 am

The challenge I have is when I arrive at a function a bit late, most of people may already stand or sit as a group and chat. Will it be not appropriate to interrupt their conversation?


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