How do I ask my boss to stop announcing my doctor’s appointments?

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Question: “How can I tactfully and respectfully ask my boss to stop announcing my doctor’s appointments to other employees? I cover for other areas, and when I have an appointment my boss will send an e-mail to the employees impacted (and their bosses) saying, ‘Since Jane needs to go to the doctor on Friday, here is our revised coverage schedule.’ Or, ‘Since Jane is going to see the dentist on Tuesday.’ I really don’t wish to have other employees know that I’m seeking medical attention.” — Anonymous, Los Angeles


Ask your boss to not announce your personal information to other employees. Or, don't tell him/her why you are taking time off. If you are allowed to take personal hours, or vacation time, I don't think you are required to reveal "why" you want to take the time off. If he/she asks why, just say that it's personal and you don't prefer to share that in...(register to read more)

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Terri May 1, 2009 at 3:18 pm

I believe the law has changed when it comes to the privacy issue and this includes the Family Medical Leave Act as well (for anyone using that). No one is permitted to ask you where you are going and it is up to you if you tell them what type of appointment it is. The only dept that has priviledge to this would be the HR dept as there may be a medical condition they should be aware of – hence they are the ones that can contact your physicians (if you sign a release form). I have chronic migraines, I am under the FMLA coverage and all I do is say “Out of Office” and provide my doctor’s excuse directly to HR, not my boss, not my payroll clerk. It is not their business. You might want to consider taking the email sending upon yourself and advising your boss and those that cover areas when you are out that you have an appointment on that day at such and such time. Again no need to tell them what type of appointment. Like I said in our office we put “out of office” on the outlook calendar.


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