Do you have a corporate recycling policy?

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Question: “Our company is interested in establishing a corporate policy for recycling at our office. Has anyone written such a policy?” — Linda Goode


Yes, we have one. You need to incorporate into your policy, where recycling bins will be kept, when they will be emptied, and what items are considered recyclable, i.e., plastic bottles, glass jars, copier paper, newspapers, junk mail, etc. You must also include recycling guidelines such as, please rinse all bottles and jars and remove the lids. Flatten all cans and plastic bottles to conserve space, etc. Set-up a timeline to become a recycable office. With my current office, I sent everyone the policy with dates the new policy would take affect and I also posted the policy and the guidelines by each recycling area. It was slow at first, however, now more associates than not, appreciate that we do our part in t...(register to read more)

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