Boss overloaded? Worried it will reflect badly on you?

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Question: “I support the CFO and VP of Corporate Services in a company of about 200 employees. My boss is a great guy, but he’s not happy about back-to-back meetings every day, nor does he appreciate the heavy use of e-mail. How can I help connect him to those who feel the need to meet with him without increasing his appointments or his e-mail? I fear this overload on him will end up reflecting badly on me come review time, even though I meticulously manage his calendar and e-mail.” — Marie


First, learn what's important to him. You work for him, not necessarily for the people trying to get on his calendar, and just because this person thinks it is important, doesn't mean it's important to your boss. Second, I've learned that a lot of 60 minute meetings, only need to be 30 minutes so push back when you can and, third, often meetings could be delegated to some...(register to read more)

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