Ever heard of television etiquette in the workplace?

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Question: “Our company recently installed a television in the break room. My boss asked me to find something online about television etiquette. I haven’t been able to find anything. Any suggestions on television etiquette in the workplace?” — Brandy Ludwick


Boy, that's a tough one. I would vehemently oppose a television being put in the break room because most people already watch too much tv to begin with and I personally don't watch tv. However, if you must have one, I'd poll the people that would be using it to find out what they would want to see. If there is a consensus then you have your answer. If there's a tremendous amount of disagreement I'd go to my boss and ask for a resolution.

Our locations that have a TV in the break room keep the station tuned to CNN, F...(register to read more)

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