How do I get my opinions to count when the boss asks but never listens?

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Question: “The executive I support always asks for my opinions regarding changes to office setup, administrative support staff duties, logistics for meetings, etc., which I honestly give.  These requests for my opinions occur repeatedly (5-6 times over a few weeks).   He then ignores my comments and does what he wants, stating "let's try it my way" which when translated is "we are doing it my way."  This is extremely frustrating.  I've now resorted to not offering my opinions, which he interprets as noninterest on my part.  This is being reflected in my annual review with negative comments and affects my compensation.” —Eunice


I would suggest that you create a paper trail through email. Each time you are asked your opinion send your response. Print them out record the outcome and include them in YOUR self evaluation. This may be an eye opening experience to ...(register to read more)

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