The staff treats admins like doormats: How do we get respect?

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Question: “How can I handle other staff who treat administrative assistants as the low people on the totem pole? Where I work, admins get little or no respect from staff/peers. When we ask people to leave a conference room because we have booked it for a meeting, we are ignored or told to wait. Our bosses treat us fine, but it is other staff above and equal to us who treat us poorly. What can we do to institute a change?” — Anonymous


Sometimes Admins let themselves be treated like doormats. I believe that being assertive is the way to handle this. When you ask a meeting to vacate the conference room, you should be speaking to the person in the room with the most authority. Does your office keep a published schedule for the conference room? If so, refer to that schedule as a reminder when you ask the group to vacate the room. Also let your boss know what you are...(register to read more)

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