How do I say ‘No’ and still be a team player?

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Question: “I am part of a team of assistants for a dozen bosses.  We all sit near each other with a lead member, an intermediate and a junior.  I am the junior member.  The intermediate member acts like she is very busy with her assignments, however, she constantly asks me to take over her tasks because she states that she is too busy.  I have plenty of assignments myself, but I am hungry to learn more.  So I have accepted some of these requests.  It is becoming burdensome to continue picking up her work.  How can I communicate this to her without sounding like I am not a team player?” — Jeani Easterly


The tough part about taking over tasks "temporarily" is that now they become tasks you are "expected" to perform. As much of a pain as it is, you need to document everything you do and all of the additional tasks you have taken on and note the time it takes to ...(register to read more)

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