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Oh plz….what’s happening to admins’ grammar, punctuation and spelling?

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in Admin Pro Forum

Question: “I admit to being a nit-picker when it comes to grammar, punctuation and spelling.  I also know from personal experience that it’s not easy to accurately proofread my own work products because my mind reads what I intended to write rather than what I actually wrote.  I’m a little concerned that, from what I read in the responses to this Forum, either we’re not proofing our work prior to hitting the “send” button, or as a community we don’t have a very good handle on our grammar, punctuation and spelling.  We are usually the ones responsible for proofing the work of others, so I’d like to know – are we just not worrying about traditional standards these days?  If you do try and maintain high standards, what tricks do you use to proof your own work before it goes out?  (I read the work product out loud, which forces me to see what is really written.)” — Kathy


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