Double trouble: How do you cope with a boss who’s a micromanaging bully?

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Question: “How can I deal with a boss who constantly makes demeaning and belittling remarks, only gives partial instructions on what he wants or needs and has to know exactly where I am at all times?” — Anonymous


Do you have an HR department or is someone over this person? If so, I would begin there. Make sure you document, document and document somemore of the remarks etc. I would also record the remarks (Our policy state that as long as there is a written notice on desk that conversations may be taped your in the clear,just chekc with your labor board). As far as, you boss giving you partial directions email back what was told to you and state"per our discussion early on xyz....this is what you wanted xyz"

It can be a constant struggle to work with that type of boss. Especi...(register to read more)

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