Overworked and underpaid: How do I ask to be fairly compensated?

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Question: “I am the administrative assistant to the vice president.  I have been with the company four years and recently had a wonderful annual review; however, the pay increase was not so wonderful.  I have researched the local job service office, and according to its web site, I should be making about $3.55 more per hour for my position and experience.  That’s more than $7,000 annually.  How do I approach my employer and let it know I am not being compensated fairly?  I have been underpaid since I began working for the company and my workload continues to increase.” — Administrative Assistant to VP


Present your findings to your employer. It is possible that the boss is unaware of the current market rate for your position. However, be sure that the data you have found is accurate and trustworthy. Also, ensure that you are comparing your position to others b...(register to read more)

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Jean July 13, 2011 at 6:55 pm

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