Administrative Professionals Week: Will the boss remember?

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Question: "My boss never remembers that it's Administrative Professionals Week. Is it rude to send him an e-mail reminder? How do other admins make sure their bosses know it's a special week? And how are bosses showing their appreciation?"— P.D., Virginia


Last year, I put a bug in the ear of an eager vendor sales remind my boss--It worked out great; I received a gift card to my favorite dept store and flowers!! - K.I., P. Bch, FL

If you manage your boss's schedule, whether electronic or paper, put a notation on it and set the reminder for them.

I've never had to worry about my boss not remembering Administrative Professionals day. However, the person who adds "special" da...(register to read more)

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Susan April 12, 2012 at 12:55 pm

Zuzu, I just read a new study that found that students who listen to lectures on podcasts test better than those who listen in class. How about standing up to your supervisor by picking out a webinar/CD/podcast that would further both your career and agency goals …tell him you’d appreciate him paying for it. Most podcasts are only about 1 hr long and way cheaper/faster than getting out of office for a seminar/class.
Surely there’s a training budget you could ask him to tap for you? Look over these ,
( many have certification by HRCI for continuing education credits) there are free sample clips to listen to …
YOU have to stand up for your own professional self-growth & admin pro month is perfect time to do it. (Here’s a list of upcoming webinars too …sometimes it helps to put a date on the calendar and tell him you are scheduled to listen at that time…if he pays for it, he’ll respect that time more) personally, I prefer to listen to a cd or download (and I can find free, relevent podcasts from the library)…but whatever you do, pick something you’re sincerely interested in and vow to listen to it and apply some new practices to your job…it will energize you. Good luck!


Zuzu April 12, 2012 at 12:23 pm

I work for a government agency and my immediate supervisor has never recognized me for any occasion, including Administrator’s day. However, the most senior staff here, does, and I appreciate that. It still bothers me as I am only their “back-up” admin person and I’m “his” 99% of the time. I feel devalued in more ways than this. There is no specialized training here, and no ladder to move up. When I make requests to further myself, I am shot down and “put in my place.” They want robots, not thinkers and creators. The only way to move is out, and in this economy, no one is moving anywhere by choice.


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