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Is it legal to suggest that someone take time off?

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Question: “Is there a tactful—and most importantly—legal way to suggest that someone take time off when she is not able to properly perform her job due to a medical issue? We have an employee who developed Bell’s Palsy. It has affected her speech and one eye, making it very difficult for her to see and speak. Her primary job is to call on clients and research the Internet. Although we appreciate her dedication, she is stressing herself out because no one can understand her.  We feel that if she took a couple days off and rested, her recuperation would be that much quicker.” — Louise


I discussed this issue with our HR person, and she said it all depends what you have in your company policy about this situation.
At our agency, if there is a concern that someone is physically and/or mentally unable to perform his/her work functions, we send them to a physician...(register to read more)

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