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Testing the staff on the company’s mission statement: Is there a fun way to do it?

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Question: “I am in charge of rewarding up to 150 employees at our Appreciation Day BBQ. To receive an award, employees must know the organization’s Core Values (similar to a mission statement). Any suggestions on how to test the employees’ knowledge and reward those who know the three Core Values? How can I bring up the subject in a casual environment, yet stress the importance of the topic?” — Deb


It might be too late for this year, but over a year-long period, you can ask people at random intervals (ask 12 people one day, three weeks later ask 15 more, two months later ask 20 more, etc) what the Core Values are. Keep track of who knew and who did not. At the Appreciation Day, announce the names of everyone who was able to correctly state the Core Values when asked. We have a much smaller staff (14) than you, so we will occasionally offer $50 or $100 to anyo...(register to read more)

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