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How do we tell a snoopy co-worker not to comment on the phone conversations of others?

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Question: “I work in an office with two other women.  One woman makes comments about what’s being said while the other person is on a telephone conversation. I realize that it's hard working in close proximity and we hear each other’s phone conversations. How can we politely tell this woman not to add her comments while one of us is on the phone?” — Margie Jimenez


I think this is something you and your other co-worker should take up with the offending party. I believe in first taking a problem to the person causing the problem and trying to resolve it on that level. Often this is the best method and it doesn't take it to a supervisory level where feelings could be hurt or worse yet, there could be outright animosity between workers. No one wants to work in an office where there is a feeling of animosity. If this method doesn't work, then I think you have to ...(register to read more)

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