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My boss: Is he discriminating, or just clueless?

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Question: “I work in an office with all men. My boss is wonderful except he forgets that I’m part of the team, too. For example, he recently gave all the guys a hooded sweatshirt with the company logo, but he failed to give me one. I don't want to sound selfish, but I’d like to have one. What’s the best way to handle this situation without sounding greedy?"  -- A team member, too


If your boss is wonderful as you say, then just tell him that you felt left out of the team when sweatshirts were given.

Well, the best way to ask is by asking. I always opt for humor, but here are a few suggestions. Something along the lines of Boss, did you forget me and then smile (your best smile), or you could take a more humorous approach like oh no, I didn't want one; forget about the woman in the ...(register to read more)

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